The Lopsided Bicyclist

During my bike tour (and ever since) I complained about a wonky left knee and hip. In addition to pain and discomfort, I felt as if my left leg was contributing nothing to my pedaling other than going round and round. Sometimes my left hip seems to be popping out of joint to the outside. Sometimes it feels like my left leg will lean then collapse to the outside. My left kneecap feels as if it’s disengaged.

I’ve had cortisone shots in both my knee and hip a few weeks ago. I’ve been doing physical therapy every day. The knee and hip felt better as I rode the Great Pumpkin Ride three days ago. I had very little discomfort other than some grinding under my kneecap.

Last night the wonkiness returned. Today it was pretty bad. My left leg felt like it was collapsing to the outside again. I rode to PT. My therapist’s mentor was there. She examined me, repeating and adding to my therapist’s previous examinations.  Among other things she noted that I stand with my left shoulder lower than my right. My left hip is sticking out. My shoulder blades are rounded forward.

She put me on an exercise bike and stood behind me. The bike had a wide foam seat unlike my bikes. My right cheek was moving up and down as I pedaled; my left cheek stayed firmly on the seat. This confirmed to me what I had noted while riding this summer. All my power is coming from my right leg.

She also noted that I stoop while riding even an upright bike.

They added some more exercises to my routine. Next week I get electro-stim on my butt to try to get my left side to re-engage. They are arranging for a bike fit. Also, the mentor suggested checking out whether spacers on my pedals would help.

So my body is all lopsided and such. This is life when you get old. I am surprised body parts aren’t falling off in the road when I ride.

Somebody pass me a beer. It’s going to be a long winter.



4 thoughts on “The Lopsided Bicyclist

  1. Dude you did a cross country ride on one leg! Hope things ….uh straighten out, Good luck to your Nats in game 7 btw. Did you imagine them facing game 7 in the world series when they were 19-31 in late May?

  2. Very sorry to hear about that. I have some weakness in my left leg as well but nit as bad. Need to do some strengthening off the bike but already walk and do yoga. You’d think biking would even things out, but I guess not. Well, seems like you have some help and also some work to do. Best wishes.

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