One Lame October

October was a pretty decent month off the bike. A physical therapist confirmed what I have suspected for months, I’ve been riding on one leg. My right leg is pounding out thousands of miles while my left leg freeloads.

So in October I rode 861.5 miles. I spent 528 miles on Big Nellie, and split the rest between The Mule and my Cross Check. My long day was 68 miles which included the Great Pumpkin Ride. That was one of two events I did with Emilia whose introversion and riding speed match mine well.

A few weeks ago I went hiking in Shenandoah National Park. It was a fairly tough hike but the foliage was great and, after going straight up a gorge, the last 4 miles were on a pleasant and smooth fire trail.

During the month, I passed the 9,000 mile mark for the year. I sit at 9,186 miles. This gives me a decent chance at 10,000 for the year. I’ll take what I can get.

As usual my attempts at winning the Coffeeneuring badge have been pathetic. I simply don’t like coffee all that much.

Hopefully by the time I hit 10,000 miles my left leg will have joined the festivities. Next week I get electrostim and a bike fitting.

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