Adios prednisone

Last night while waiting to go into a movie, I could tell that the prednisone I had been taking was wearing off. By the time the movie was over, my left leg was aching every bit as much as it was before the steroids. When steroids wear off, it’s like a light switch. Pow. Welcome back to the pain party.

Today, with a lowered saddle, I rode my Cross Check a relatively easy 24 1/2 miles. There were a few small hills thrown in. I was surprised that neither my left hip nor the underside of my left kneecap hurt at all. After I warmed up, my stenosis pain went away too. Maybe I’m finally making some progress.

When I got home, I had a healthy lunch. (Okay, it was chocolate cake and milk. Cut me some slack here.) Then I did some work on my bike. While I was walking back and forth to my shed, the pain in my left leg came back. Big time. My left butt cheek has joined in the fun.

I hit the floor for some stenosis exercises. They didn’t do much. I did find that the pain completely stopped during bird dogs which is useful to know if I plan to spend the rest of my life as a display at Cabela’s.

So, I’ll be munching ibuprofen for a while. Unfortunately, this is beginning to look a lot like my ruptured disc episode of 30 years ago.

Happy new year.

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