Leg Pain Whack a Mole

It’s all very frustrating. my hip and knee pain seem to be gone but now I have to deal with this stenosis-related pain.

Last night I watched a movie (The Danish Girl) while lying on the couch. By the time the movie was over my leg pain had quieted. I slept through the night without use of pain medication.

My leg stayed calm through noon. Since it was pretty nice day outside, I did a somewhat hilly 36-mile ride on my Cross Check. Lowering the seat has greatly improved my pedaling. Still no problems with my knee or hip, although the pain outside the hip seems to be sticking around. Riding did not bring on stenosis-related pain as far as I can tell.

When I finished my left leg felt fine. Once I started doing my stenosis exercises, however, things took a turn for the worse. Certain exercises that are supposed to help actually hurt. I know I need to do the exercises but I also know that if I keep pinging the nerve while I’m doing them, I am defeating the purpose.

Right now I feel general soreness in my left butt cheek, outside my left hip, my inner left thigh, and in my left calf. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain is a 3. On a scale of frustration, I’m at about an 8.



4 thoughts on “Leg Pain Whack a Mole

  1. How long until the orthopedist will see you again? I suggest a chiropractor. It definitely helped me. But not all are created equal. There are those who are afraid to adjust your back and those that will aggressively adjust and realign your spine. I prefer the latter. But when your back or leg are so raw, for lack of a better word, it may take months to get it under control. Question will be how long you are willing to wait and how willing/eager you will be to have surgery.

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