I won’t stand for it

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty miserable day. I spent the morning at a brunch, the afternoon helping my daughter move to a new apartment, and the evening at a holiday party. I didn’t ride my bike and did only a few gentle stretches for my back before the day got underway.

At the brunch, my aching leg made it impossible to stand. This was okay since we were mostly just eating and chatting. Several people went for a post-food walk in Rock Creek Park but I decided not to on account of my back.

During the move I found that standing around made my leg ache. Walking up and down the hallway, sometimes carrying lightweight items for staging at the elevator, actually relieved the pain somewhat.

After about three hours of this, my leg started to ache. We drove to the party and, by the time we arrived, I couldn’t stand. Fortunately there was an ample supply of chairs and red wine.

We arrived home at 11:30. My leg was on fire. I could now feel pain in my left butt cheek and it wouldn’t go away. I lied down on the couch and gently stretched my lower back by raising my knees to my chest. After about an hour, fatigue conquered pain and I fell asleep.

At 2 am I awoke. Once I stood the pain came back. I did some gentle pelvic tilts in my easy chair and the pain subsided. I went to bed for five hours.

In the morning I had breakfast. As long as I wasn’t standing there was no pain. After breakfast I went back to the couch, put on headphones, and meditated for an hour.

Now I feel okay but I know that once I stand the pain will come back.

It’s cold and windy outside. I’ll probably go for a ride after lunch. Then, I’ll attempt some stretching exercises.

I am not having fun.

3 thoughts on “I won’t stand for it

  1. Well been there done that. Marg is in a similar state. She looks like a hunchback. She says If she leans against something or uses a shopping cart in the store, she feels ok. Otherwise agony. I remember years ago going to Disneyworld and having to stop every couple hours and lay down on the ground and do lumbar stretches. It was terrible. The other thing that helped me was ice if you get muscle spasms and lying on your back on the floor and putting your legs, gatched at the knees over an ottoman. Also sleep in the fetal position with a pillow between your knees. And no wallet in your back pocket.

    1. I’m not getting muscle spasms at all just this dull ache in my leg. Currently only doing stretches on the floor. Starting very slowly and gently until my muscles and nerves agree. I can feel my vertebrae popping sometimes just like after my back operation. PT appointment tomorrow. Feldenkrais on Tuesday.

  2. I’m sorry for your pain. It sucks. We all have them at some point but mine are not at that scale. How it invades the brain is also an additional layer. It seems you have access to some treatment, which is good, plus doing things like meditation. Seems you may need to take it easier? Anyway, I hope one, some or all of them work.

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