Marking time

Today was an up and down day. I rode to PT where I went over various yoga exercises. My therapist pointed out the ones that would aggravate my stenosis symptoms. She and the trainer gave me a new core exercise to do involving stretchy bands. Unfortunately, the exercise strained my shoulders which have compromised rotator cuffs and, since the exercise is done while standing, my stenosis pain came on while I was doing it.

So I used Feldenkrais techniques to gently get rid of the pain while lying down. It took more than five minutes before I could move on to my PT routine which now involves stretches and core exercises from a prone or supine position.

I got through it all without pain.

Afterwards I got on my CrossCheck and rode the Arlington Loop, a 16-mile circuit, including some roller coaster hills, around Arlington County. By the time I reached home I had ridden 36 miles. I could have gone farther but I’m trying to be careful.

I spent most of the rest of the day sitting or lying on the couch reading.



3 thoughts on “Marking time

  1. Sorry to hear about all the pain issues how that resolves itself to your benefit otoh you are reeling of 36 mile bike rides so there is that.

  2. A few years ago i was diagnosed with severe lumbar spinal stenosis. The pain radiated down my legs and numbed my feet and standing upright became impossible, surgery being the only option to keep me out of a wheelchair the doctor said i’d need within a year without it. When i turned in my FMLA paperwork & informed my bosses, they looked at me incredulously and asked how it was, if my back was so bad, that i was able to ride my bike to work every day. i told them about the bicycle test of van Gelderen… the one thing i could do relatively painlessly was ride my bike.
    The surgery was successful, but my toes are permanently numbed.

    i hope you can find a good way to beat your stenosis!

    1. I didn’t know that was the name of the test but everyone was absolutely sure from the get go that my issue was nerve related not a vascular after effect of my DVT. I’d say the odds of a surgical remedy are increasing by the day.

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