Eyes and teeth and knee

So today was a scheduled day for medical appointments. My eye doctor appointment went without a hitch. Given that I’ve had seven eye surgeries this is welcome news indeed. The dentists appointment included one of the most meticulous and painful teeth cleanings I’ve ever had. Dang. The dental tech was new to the office. The end result was worth the pain. The dentists asked me with a smile on his face how it went. The same tech cleaned his teeth two weeks ago. He felt my pain.

The exam included a new set of x-rays. No issues. I brought up a problem with my upper rear teeth that has been bugging me for over a year. From time to time I get a throbbing pain – more discomfort really – and it feels like one or two of my teeth is coming loose. Of course, nothing hurt today. He double checked the x-ray and poked around. His conclusion is that I may have a sinus-related issue. Makes sense. I am allergic to most things smaller than a pea.

To reward myself I had a Gio (Italian) sammich from The Italian Store in Old Town. Then in fit of dietary stupidity I snarfed down three sugar cookies. The resultant insulin rush put me to sleep for an hour.

I awoke and went for a ride on The Mule. In spite of some pain in my left knee and inner thigh, I almost immediately hit 18 on the speedometer. Move over Claudio Chiappucci! After hitting 30 on a downhill I noticed that my odometer had recorded a mile traveled even though I was only a little over a half mile from home.

As someone who ride more like Claudio’s fat uncle, I suspected something was amiss.

I returned home and looked up the re-set procedures for my bicycle computer. Sure enough I had somehow reset miles to kilometers when I put the new battery in last month. By the time I got things squared away I was no longer feeling like riding. So I hung it up. I rationalized that my knee could use a day off.

As far as the stenosis symptoms go, I woke up with pain down my lower left leg. The pain lingered until mid-afternoon. In the evening, I felt totally fine. Could it be that sugar cookies have medicinal properties.

Off to experiment!


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