15K to the ballpark

I had nothing much to do today and no place to be but the weather was nice so the CrossCheck and I went for a spin along the rivers. A lovely tailwind made me feel like a bicycle god all the way to DC. For once I wasn’t taken in by my ego; I knew the return trip would be a slog.

I managed to ride past the District Wharf without hitting anybody. The cycletrack there is an example of good design intentions gone bad. It’s especially bad at night when intoxicated concert goers and bar patrons wander across the track to catch their Ubers as weed smoke wafts through the night breeze.

I found the new P, Q, and 2nd Street SW cycletracks that go around the perimeter of Fort McNair. They’re all a bit narrow but look promising. You can take P and 2nd  directly to Audi Field to see a soccer, rugby, or football game or onto Q to go to Nats Park. The last bit is a construction sewer, a staging area for the new South Capitol Street Bridge.

The bridge is the latest in several bridge renovations around here. It seems the 60s and 70s were the zenith of ugly infrastructure. It’s as if the designers were angry at ex-presidents so they built them monuments of unsurpassed hideousness. The old Woodrow Wilson Bridge was six lanes of eyesore. It has since been replaced with a new, mega-bridge. (As expected, it took only a decade before it became just as bad a traffic bottleneck as the old one.) The Teddy Roosevelt Bridge truly looks like an act of architectural revenge.

Speaking of renovations, I was a little disappointed that the ballpark was not festooned with WORLD CHAMPION signs. Maybe a WE BEAT THE CHEATERS!!!! sign would look nice somewhere too. If the Asterisks come to town, perhaps we can put up a big neon sign and aim it at their hotel.


On the ride back, the wind didn’t really slow me all that much. About two miles from home. the CrossCheck passed 15,000 miles.


I’ll put it away for a month or so. Time to get The Mule and Little Nellie back in the game.

I have managed to completely blow off my first attempt at the Errandonnee. I still have a few weeks to try again.



3 thoughts on “15K to the ballpark

  1. Agreed she has had her fill, but if you saw how uncomfortable she looks you’d say she should go. It has been going on for months.

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