This isn’t what I meant

Yesterday I said that the last 200 miles of my quest for 10,000 in 2020 would be harder.

About 2 1/2 miles into today’s ride, The Mule got screwed in the rear. Tire, that is. (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I’ve been watching Fleabag.)

It’s been an odd year for punctures. From 2015 to 2019, I toured with 40 pounds on my bike for 10,000 miles without a single flat thanks to my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. This year, despite using the same brand of tires and carrying lighter loads, I’ve had at least four flats.

Today’s flat happened after I rode through some debris in the roadway. I know my rear tire hit something because there was a metallic sound and the back of my bike deflected to the right. A half mile later I started hearing a loud click with every revolution of my wheels. Then the rear end started moving sideways. I hopped off the bike and saw that my rear tire was flat. I initially thought the culprit was a roofing nail. On closer inspection I realized it was a screw of some sort. I’m pretty sure that it gradually worked its way through the tread. I suspect that the tire is kaput. I put it on 3,500 miles ago.

In late summer I bought a Schwalbe Mondial tire. It’s lighter weight but not as puncture resistant as the Marathon Plus. With tomorrow’s storm I’ll have plenty of time to install it.

After getting a lift back home from my wife, I took my CrossCheck out to continue my ride. I rode an additional 32 miles. The only time I felt remotely uncomfortable was when the sun started to set and the temperature dropped.

65 miles to go.

2 thoughts on “This isn’t what I meant

  1. The Universe is battling you to the end, it would seem. As a person on the (ahem) heavier side I am well familiar with flats. Congrats on getting 3,500 miles out of your Marathons!

    Here’s hoping the weather isn’t too bad and you can get back out there in short order.

  2. I replaced the tube protected by my Marathon Plus tyres the other day. 1st time in ages and that was only because of a leaky patch for a puncture that I should’ve swapped for a new tube. Those tyres are BOSS

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