Bike Tour 2023 – Day 3: East York to Elverson, PA

What a great day. What a grind.

After a horrid hotel breakfast and some chain maintenance, I lit out from East York on a highway headed for the Susquehanna River. Temperatures were in the low 50s and I was comfy once I warmed up. My head cold was still in evidence making me feel drowsy.

The terrain was relatively flat and the road surface smooth. I made good time ten miles to Wrightsville where I crossed the river. I had some worries about this crossing but the shoulder was massive and debris-free. No problem at all. On the east side of the river the terrain began to roll. It was actually surprisingly manageable. I was feeling quite full of myself.

Lancaster slowed me down with its traffic lights and steep hills. Once I was through town I stopped for an early lunch at a family restaurant. This area of Pennsylvania is thick with family restaurants (basically they are diners). And the food is cheap and good. I had a bowl of potato and cheese soup and a tuna melt sandwich. They hit the spot.

After the restaurant the grind began. The modest rollers of the morning gave way to big descents and steep climbs. I think each climb was about 200 feet. For the next 30 miles I used my granny gear about 1/4th of the time.

I’m in Amish country. Horses and buggies are common. I saw a boy, perhaps 14, plowing a field with band old tiller pulled by six draft horses. Amish people work hard.

I had arranged to stay with a Warmshowers host near Elverson. I told them I’d be there between 3 and 4 pm. I barely made it thanks to the climbing and an unexpected detour. (Hilly, of course.)

The hosts say I must be gone by 7:30 which is good because tomorrow will be a long day. I’ll be riding through Valley Forge and on a section of the Schuylkill River trail before ending to another Warmshowers host south of Doylestown. It should be about 50 miles.

Bridge over the Susquehanna River
Amish horse and buggy

Today’s miles: 54.5

Tour miles: 186.5

4 thoughts on “Bike Tour 2023 – Day 3: East York to Elverson, PA

  1. Spoke too soon about the hotel meal being hopefully sufficient. Bummer. Amish country fascinates me. I went to what I thought was Amish country in Ohio once, but it was highly commercialized and not enjoyable.

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