Bike Tour 2023 – Day 4: Elverson to Warrington, PA

My stay at the Stauffer’s Warmshowers house was terrific. A shower, a bed, breakfast, good conversation, and a grilled NY strip steak that was to die for.

I felt much better this morning. Still a little sick and lacking energy.

Nelson Stauffer who is Pennsylvania Dutch and grew up around here, told me that the 2-foot rut on the roads is caused by the steel horseshoes worn by Amish buggy horses.

I lit out at 7:40 headed for another Warmshowers host near Warrington. These folks are vegan so no more steak for me.

Theresa Stauffer told me that there was a long downhill in store for me this morning but I didn’t believe her. After a couple of not-so-hard granny climbs I found out she was right. It was a gradual downhill grade for miles. I think it was a descent into the Schuylkill River valley.

Once the route left the main road I was treated to country lanes with classic old homes from the late 18th and early 19th century. Quite a change from the places I passed last summer out west.

On one back country road I was starting up after a short break when a full grown white tailed deer burst from the roadside bushes and bounded across the road in front of me. How the on-coming SUV missed it is beyond me. There couldn’t have emote than a foot between its grill and the side of the deer.

From time to time the road was mercifully level, a big and welcome change from yesterday’s hill fest.

A bit later I cruised through Valley Forge. I checked out General Washington’s headquarters and followed a paved trail through the park. The weather was absolutely perfect so it is had to imaging the brutal, frigid conditions that his army endured while bivouacked there.

After my history lesson I rode the Schuylkill River Trail about ten miles to Conshohocken. Level all the way.

After leaving the trail and climbing a bit I came to Ambler where I had a late lunch at a pizza shop. A hot Italian sun on pizza bread. All the salt please!

With 2 1/2 hours to kill I hunkered down in a coffee and pie place for desert. I went all in coffee, a chocolate chip cookie, and a hot cinnamon bun.

The Little House along the road
Washington’s headquarters at Valley Forge, note the goslings
Schuylkill River Trail


About ten miles to go….

Update: I made the last 9 miles more like 14 because I went through a wormhole at the very end of the ride. After arguing with the Google for 20 minutes, I set things right and found my Warmshowers host.

Along the way I met a local bike tourist who told me about a campground for tomorrow they apparently is inaccessible. He also told me the hills on Connecticut are a bitch.

So it goes

Today’s miles: 62.5

Tour miles: 248

6 thoughts on “Bike Tour 2023 – Day 4: Elverson to Warrington, PA

      1. Sorry for the double post. Internetting is hard. Almost assuredly! New Hope is adorable, and Lambertville (just across the bridge) has good options too.

  1. I would love to bike on these country roads with old houses. Far different from what we see over here. Good food throughout the day, a treat!

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