Darth Litigious and Friend


Halloween fell on a Friday this year so it was not a surprise to see some folks dressed for the occasion at Friday Coffee Club. This is Lawyer Mike. He is normally a (somewhat) respectable attorney in our nation’s capital, but today he apparently lost his mind today. He has this cool Bike Friday Family Tandem that he normally rides with his son. Today, he brought along a different stoker. I think his name is Bram. (Sorry.)

The fellow on the back had an accident on the way to Coffee Club; his leg and pelvis fell off. Thanks to quick thinking and some duct tape Mike had him back together and back on the bike. I suspect his pedaling effficiency may suffer somewhat. Rudy offered some screws from his femur but Mike was too polite to take them. Besides it would have meant cutting Rudy’s leg open with blood flying everywhere. Ewww.

One thought on “Darth Litigious and Friend

  1. It looks as if that passenger might be “Jewey Jacobs”, a cyclist whose story is told in Alfred Jarry’s 1902 book, Le Surmâle. which touches on performance enhancing drugs, extreme athleticism in sexuality, and possibly the most arcane sexual comedy-of-errors ever. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermale_%28novel%29 )

    Any way, Jewey Jacobs was part of a five-man cycling team, all on a 5-seat bicycle racing a locomotive. Jacobs died on the bike, but the team kept racing and eventually his body took on the role of a flywheel, governing the results of the others and maintaining speed.



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