My Right Foot 2

My right foot is stiil numb so I went to a neurologist today to, I thought, get an EMG exam. Instead I was given a duplicate exam that my primary car doctor gave me. And it wasn’t nearly as thorough. he neurologist suspects that spinal stenosis (basically an old back) is the cause of my numbness. So I have an EMG test on Friday, an MRI Friday evening, and an EMG next Tuesday.

I brought my May 2014 MRI with me but he didn’t look at it. He read my pain doctor’s notes instead. I thought this was weird. MRIs are expensive. I am half hoping that my insurance turns this down.

Once we get through all the tests I’ll see what the neurologist has to say.

There’s one complicating factor: the neurologist gave me the creeps. He had an intern examine me then didn’t read her notes. He spent a good deal of time talking about how the practice of neurology has gone to hell in a hand basket, complaining that he was, in effect, a dinosaur. I mentioned the neurologist who operated on my back 20 years ago and he started reminiscing about him. This went on for 20 minutes during which he thanked me for seeing him 3 or 4 times. This made me think that something might be wrong with him. The thought has crossed my mind that he may have the early stages of dementia.

I almost gave up and called for a referal to another neurologist but instead I decided to get all the tests done. I already know that I won’t have anything to do with this man operating on me. I just have very little confidence in him. I switch to a new insurance company in 2 weeks so I can will just jump to another doctor then if I have to.

Good thing this is happening around the holidays. Work is somewhat calm. I’m a little upset by all this. Maybe I should watch one of those AMRS videos with the whispering lady. They are creepy.

It would be weird if the whisper lady was related to my neurologist.

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