Reboot the Foot

I had my annual physical with my new primary care doctor. I am very glad I switched to him. He is an excellent listener and gave me a thorough looking over. The good news is I:

  • Have normal blood pressure
  • A resting pulse of 52
  • A normal EKG
  • Normal lung function (which is pretty great considering I am asthmatic)
  • Do not have diabetes
  • Do not have Lyme disease
  • Do not have an enlarged prostate
  • Have normal reflexes
  • Weigh about 32 pounds less than this time last year
  • Am still a tad over 6 feet tall
  • Have awesome levels of good cholesterol
  • Do not have a hernia

The bad news is:

  • My cholesterol level is 240 (not particularly alarming, but worth keeping an eye on)
  • I still have numbness in my right foot
  • I have horrible balance
  • I was unable to blindly touch my finger to my nose on the first try. (Doctor told me only half joking that a field sobriety test would be bad news)
  • I am seriously deficient in vitamin D
  • I am mildly depressed

The only real surprise was the vitamin D thing for which he prescribed a supplement of 2000 mg per day. I think a trip south would fix both the vitamin D and the depression things.

We discussed my discomfort with the neurologist I saw. He didn’t know the doctor but said that he wouldn’t object if I canceled all the tests scheduled for tomorrow and next week and get a new neurologist once my new medical insurance kicks in. So I canceled the MRI and the EMGs.  (I am still going to the sports acupuncturist on Monday.)

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I watched a couple of short videos on Rolfing. It looks interesting. It’s a slow, systematic massage from your toes to your head. It might not do my numb foot any good but could make my back happy. So I am thinking of giving it a go.

After the physical, I headed to work, sort of. Today was the office holiday luncheon. After about an hour and half we walked over Key Bridge to Georgetown and ate at Il Canale. We had four kinds of pizza and two kinds of pasta topped off with a canoli for dessert. Everything I ate was out of this world. I normally eat a light lunch but I made a big exception today. I was in serious food coma afterwards.

Tomorrow is going to be a cold bike commute. Good thing it’s Friday because I could use Friday Coffee Club.

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