Errandonnee – Three in a Day

I woke up at 5 am. Except 5 am is the new 6 am, this being the first morning of daylight savings time. It was dark outside. So much for saving daylight.

I waited around for a few hours trying to be productive and failing. Then I hit the road on The Mule. We headed north-ish to Old Town Alexandria to run some errands.

I took Fort Hunt Road, the secret alternative to the Mount Vernon Trail. FHR was covered in ice just two days ago but now it is covered in sand and salt. Pick your poison.

FHR takes you to US 1 at the betlway. This is a pretty hostile place for bicycles and pedestrians. Fortunately, there is a side trail that connects to Washington Street in Alexandria. So I took it. It was clear of ice and snow. Nice.

I rode into Old Town to make my first stop at the bank. It was six miles into the ride.


After the bank, I rode down King Street to the Comfort Shoe store at the corner of Lee and King. This store sells the orthotics that have saved my back. I bought a second pair so I no longer have to swap them between my hiking shoes and boots.

#Errandonee No 4 Orthotics for me

As I was unlocking my bike, I noticed that there was a bit of commotion across the street. Girls scouts were selling their cookies so I had to go and partake. I bought one box of Samoas. Then I immortalized the girls in an Errandonnee evidence photo.

#Errandonee No. 3 Banking fun

Feeling zonked I tooled around Old Town looking for more Errrandonnee inspiration. A man was playing a banjo and singing at King and Union Streets. I could have chalked up another errand for Arts and Entertainment, but he wasn’t very entertaining.

I headed home the way I had come, because the Mount Vernon Trail is still an icy mess. Climbing up the hill on FHR I noticed that some cars had pulled over on the opposite side of the road. I learned why almost immediately. A man was tending to a dog on my side of the road. The dog was lying on its left side, its head in a drainage ditch on the side of the road. My guess is that it had been hit by a car. I would have stopped but there was not a whole lot that I could do short of feeding the dog a Samoa.

About a mile from home I stopped at the grocery store. The store didn’t have the kind of coffee I wanted so I went home with my first errand fail of the year.

Here’s the official tally:

Errandonee # 3: Bank

Category: Personal Business

Miles: 6 1/2

Observation: Depositing checks at an ATM is more better because you get a copy of the check. Technology rocks.

Errandonnee #4: Shoe Store

Category: Store

Miles: 1

Observation: I love the orthotics that I am using. They give me happy feet and a happy back.

Errandonee #5: Non Store Errand – Girls Scout Cookies

Miles: 100 feet

Observation:I am a sucker for Samoas. And an easy errand.

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