Daylight Errandonnee Time

Today dawned cold-ish. The “ish” refers to the fact that it was not COLD just seasonably cold.

I left home after sunrise to get to a physical therapy appointment in Old Town. I suspected that there was some lingering ice on the Mount Vernon Trail so I rode Fort Hunt Road to Alexandria. I arrived at the PT place about 20 minutes early.

Here I am before the torture began:


Note the pre-torture trace of a smile.

After 90 minutes of flossing (that’s what they call manipulating the leg to free the entrapped nerve), foam rolling, core work, and other delights I was back on the bike.

The trail was ice free but for a ten yard stretch near the power plant. I walked this because I am an ice wuss.

When I got to the Intersection of Doom, I had to wait because a truck was DSCN3631_766being positioned in the middle of Lynn Street. A police officer was “helping” in a way that was mysterious to my eyes. There was confusion. I waited until I had safe passage. Then I passaged.

Work happened.

Then I left the office in shorts. The trail was very busy. There were many runners. Mostly female. Mostly wearing very little clothing. I didn’t mind. A week ago they were wearing anoraks.


Here’s the score card.

Errand No. 6: Personal Care – Physical Therapist

Miles: 6 1/2

Observation: My numb left foot is getting better incrementally.  My patience is getting worse.

Errand No. 7: Work or Volunteer – Work

Miles: 23

Observation: What a joy it is to ride a bike in shorts.

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