Errandonnee Scorecard

To be an official Errandonnee finisher, you have to complete a scorecard. Since I have blogged about each of my errands my score card will just be links to those other posts. Thanks to Mary for doing this again this year. As usual, this little contest got me out of the house when I’d otherwise be loafing.

Errand No. 1: You Carried WHAT on Your Bike?

I rode to a park to go snowshoeing so I put the snowshoes on my rack.

Miles: 11

Errand No. 2: Personal Care # 1

After snowshoeing I rode to Sherwood Gourmet for a sammich.

Miles: 1.5

Errand No. 3: Personal Business # 1

I went to the bank.

Miles: 6.5

Errand No. 4: Store # 1

I rode to a shoe store to get some orthotic inserts.

Miles: 1

Errand No. 5: Non-store Errand

I wobbled across the street to buy some Girl Scout cookies.

Miles: 0.05

Errand No. 6: Personal Care # 2

On the way to work I went to the physical therapist.

Miles: 6.5

Errand No. 7: Work or Volunteer # 1

I rode my bike to and from work.

Miles: 23

Errand No. 8: Work or Volunteer # 2

I rode my bike to and from work again.

Miles: 30

Errand No. 9: Personal Business # 2

I stopped at the bank on my way home from work

Miles: 9

Errand No. 10: Arts and Entertainment

I listened to a woman singing opera on a street corner.

Miles: 0.5

Errand No. 11: Social Call

I rode to meet up with the Freezing Saddles Pi Day ride.

Miles: 6.5

Errand No. 12: Store # 2

I rode Little Nellie to the bike store for some TLC.

Miles 3

I did several more errands by bike that don’t count for one reason or another. I rode to work two more days. I went to the supermarket. And I went to the bank a third time.

Pictures can be found at each of the links. You can also check out the Flickr page.

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