Errandonnee 2016 Control Card

Here’s the list of errands. To qualify as a finisher you need to do 12, in 7 of 9 categories. Here are mine:

Errand No. 1: Dry Cleaner

This qualifies in the Store category. That’s one category.

I rode 2 1/2 miles round trip for this one. Nice people who run businesses in your neighborhood deserve your business.

Errand No. 2: Drug Store

This one goes in Personal Care. That’s two categories.

This one was also about 2 1/2 miles round trip. Asthma sucks, so to speak.

Errand No. 3: Bike Shop

This one goes in the Store category. That uses up this category.

The Bike Shop is about 4 miles from home. So the round trip is 8. Support your local bike store or you won’t have one no more.

Errand No. 4: Ride to Work

This one is in the Work category. Clever, no? That’s three categories.

Depending on the odometer and the route this is 28 1/2 to 31 miles. I think this one was 29. I have the best bike commute ever.

Errand No. 5: Ride to Happy Hour

This one goes under the Social category. This is category number four. I rode a few blocks up a hill to get to this one. So the mileage may be 1/2 mile, tops. Even happy hour can’t make Rosslyn appealing.

Errand No. 6: Ride to Work # 2

This uses up the Work category. Another 29 miler.

Errand No. 7: Bank

This one goes in Personal Business. This is category number 5. Lets’ see I get to go to wokr and see sunrises, bald eagles, ducks and geese and egrets and herons and redwing black birds and jets taking off and landing and monuments and riverscapes and….you get the idea.

Errand No. 8: Bank

Another Personal Business entry. That’s it for this category.Tis one was – 1/2 mile because it chopped off my usual commuting romp through Jones Point Park.

Errand No. 9: Friday Coffee Club

This finishes off the Social category. This one is really only 2 1/2 miles. That’s the diversion from my 29-ish mile commute. To get to this one, I rode through a drone free zone near the Washington monument. I tried not to talk in a monotone here.

Errand No. 10: Hikenneuring

This goes under the Wild Card category. Category No. 6. This was an inventive 4 mile ride to a bike shop followed by a 4 mile hike home. I learned that my legs are not ready for serious hiking, but this was a good way to tune them up.

Errand No. 11: Lost Food Rescue.

Another Wild Card entry. All used up. This was an insane trip to a grocery store located 100 yards from the bike shop. Except I made the trip separately by bike. This wasn’t intentional but the trip involved retrieving cookies and coffee. Well worth the 8-ish mile effort.

Errand No. 12: Seeds!!!

This is falls in the You Carried What on Your Bike category, which is my category No.7

Another 2 1/2 mile trip to the hardware store with the intent of picking up a humongous bag of bird seeds. The store was all out of the bike crushing bag so I went with a ten-pounder and a bag of grass seed. Riding home was somewhat unbalanced but manageable. I thought about putting this one in the Arts and Entertainment category because I probably spend 1 or 2 hours each week watching the birds come and go to our feeder.

So ends my errandonnee. I did a bunch more errands but I already used up the categories.

Here are the pix of my adventure.

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