June Lite

I somehow managed to salvage a respectable amount of riding in June.  I rode 594 miles, 78 percent of which was riding 16 times to and from work (and the car garage and Nats games).  131 miles were from weekend rides, all but 1 1/2 miles of which was on my Cross Check. I commuted to work three times on Big Nellie. Most of my rides were intentionally on upright bikes, to prepare for the July tour of Wisconsin and Michigan.

For the first half of the year I rode 3,371 miles. 2,517 came from 85 bike commutes. My oldest bikes still get the most work. I’ve ridden The Mule 1,216 miles. Big Nellie had 923 miles.

I also hiked up Hogback Mountain. Only one hike. I’ll get on that soon.

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