WABA in the Wild – C&O Canal Trip

Last year I rode the length of the C&O Canal as part of the No Wrong Plan tour. It’s a great tour, especially for first timers. I had previously ridden it in the opposite direction for my 2005 bike tour.

Many of my friends keep talking about riding the length of the C&O DSCN3912_1039Canal but they never seem to get around to it. As Flogini, the erstwhile spiritual adviser to the Rootchopper Institute,  once said: “We only have today. Tomorrow may never come. Stop planning and hoping and dreaming, and start doing!” I took her advice: in the last 18 months I have done 2 bike tours and visited nine countries. Flogini will be the death of me.

You really should do this ride. (I am out of town that weekend or I would do it myself.) The logistics are a bit of a hassle though. There’s good news: if you are willing to do some fundraising WABA will solve the logistics issues for you. I even think they’ll cook you some s’mores if you ask nicely. So check it out over here.

I can’t promise wildflowers for miles but if the weather gods cooperate you might just see some awesome foliage along the way.



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