Turkey Hike

My daughter had an early morning flight out of National Airport. If I had my act together I would have dropped her off and driven to the mountains for a proper hike. But I am me and my act is no Oscar.

I went home to bed. At noon I was ready to rumble. Time for a hike. I drove up the GW Parkway past DC and headed for Great Falls Park in Maryland. Then I saw an exit for Turkey Run and decided to change the plan.

I have driven past Turkey Run Park hundreds of times and never checked it out. Today I took a trail from a parking lot down to the Potomac Heritage Trail. The PHT runs 10 miles from Key Bridge to the beltway. I’d already done the first five miles. They were not so hot. Kirstin told me that the part from Chain Bridge (where I stopped last time) to the beltway was much nicer. Today I hiked from Turkey Run Park to the beltway, a 4-mile round trip.

I love hiking in autumn after the leaves have fallen. The sound of the leaves swooshing under my feet is very calming. I also hate hiking in the autumn because the fallen leaves cover all the rocks and tree roots and other irregularities in trail leading to slipping and ankle twisting. So it goes.

The first tenth of a mile was switch backs down to the river. The river’s edge was cast in shadow from the low angle of the sun. It was about five degrees cooler in the shade but my walking soon took care of my minor discomfort.

The lack of leaves gave me views of the river that I might have missed a month or two ago. There was a low hum of car traffic off in the distance that my brain soon tuned out. An occasional plane flew overhead. Other than these modern intrusions I could have been miles from the DC metropolis.

I forded a few streams, called runs here in Virginia. I’m used to this strange language having grown up in upstate New York where the streams are kills. I suck at fording streams but I managed not to get my feet wet.

I did however turn my ankles a dozen times as my feet landed on leaves that obscured the rocks and roots beneath. After about 45 minutes I found myself at Dead Run with nowhere to go. I had strayed off the trail and found double blazes on both sides of the stream. I decided to turn around and just before I headed back down river I spotted the trial on the opposite side of the stream. It was only a quarter mile to the beltway. I continued past and climbed a hill. The path deposited me on a cul de sac just outside the beltway.Here I turned around and headed back to the trail and the river and the trees and the leaves.

My return hike went considerably faster. I knew where all the bad footing was so I didn’t need to stop and probe for rocks and roots. My hat hung over my forehead and I smacked my head on an overhanging fallen tree. What would I do if I gave myself an concussion down here? No worries. @^(()#TY!!$%_

I said good bye to the river and climbed back up to the Turkey Run parking lot.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I posted a few more pictures on my Flickr page.

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