August – Dis id nad a bike toor

For a guy who’s not on tour, I sure rode a lot in August.

I rode 29 out of 31 days for a total of 1,105.5 miles.

Dang. My long ride was 104.5. I did 306 miles on Little Nellie, my Bike Friday with the little wheels that beat my body up. When it got too much for my back I switched the Mule and rode 324.5 miles in seven days. All but 35 of the remaining miles was on my CrossCheck.

The only other months this year in which I exceeded 1,000 miles were May and June when I was riding across the country.

I blew by 7,000 miles for the year. I’m at 7,551 so far. I doubt I’ll top 11,000 like I did last year, but I’ve got a decent shot at 10,000 miles.

My Crosscheck reached 13,000 miles and The Mule topped 54,000.

For the last two days, my left knee has not been sore. No wonder I’ve been gazing at the Adventure Cycling interactive map of US bike routes.

How many states can I pick off in 2020?



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